Experienced Legal Representation for Sexual Boundary Investigations

The Georgia Composite Medical Board, as well as other healthcare licensing bodies, strictly prohibits sexual boundary violations and sexual misconduct; however, words and behaviors that could be construed to constitute misconduct may be difficult to recognize until it’s too late. Professional sexual misconduct runs the gamut from boundary blurring, dual relationships, sexual improprieties, boundary transgressions, to overt sexual violations. The laws and rules are very clear in that patient consent is not a mitigating factor with regard to professional sexual misconduct.

Boundary Defined

Within the context of a clinical practice, what is meant by “boundary?” Simply stated, a boundary is the restraining limit of appropriate behavior. The establishment of clear and appropriate boundaries between practitioner and patient is intended to construct a safe and predictable environment where treatment can be rendered and healing occur. The burden of maintaining appropriate boundaries is upon you, the practitioner, and this burden stems from the power differential inherent in your role.

Navigating the Investigation Process

Investigations of this type often originate from an aggrieved patient, a person to whom the patient has confided (family member, psychotherapist, etc.), an aggrieved spouse, whether it be the patient’s or the practitioner’s, or office staff. Allegations of this nature can be devastating not only to your reputation, but to your livelihood and ability to practice. When such allegations come to the attention of the hospital or practice’s administration, the practitioner’s licensing board, or other regulatory body, an investigation will almost certainly ensue.

Unfortunately, some practitioners occasionally make poor choices and intentionally cross appropriate boundaries. Others may subtly “drift” into an inappropriate relationship without realizing it until it’s too late.

Regardless of the circumstances, a practitioner who finds himself or herself the subject of a licensing board investigation involving allegations of professional sexual misconduct should seek competent and experienced legal counsel – health care attorneys experienced and knowledgeable with the myriad laws, rules, and regulations affecting such issues.

It is also important that your lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable with the administrative legal procedures governing the licensing and disciplinary process associated with the various healthcare licensing boards, e.g. initial investigation, informal interviews before the board, administrative hearings, proposed and negotiated consent agreements, and board ordered mental/physical evaluations.

Georgia Heath Care Attorneys

The Atlanta healthcare attorneys at Allen & McCain, P.C. understand how stressful such accusations can be and we also understand the process involved in mounting an appropriate and aggressive defense on your behalf. We have extensive experience in sexual boundary investigations before the Georgia Composite Medical Board and are ready to provide a vigorous defense to allegations facing our clients. Please call (404) 874-1700 today to talk with an experienced attorney about your case. All information is kept strictly confidential, even if you choose not to hire our law firm.

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