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Renowned for their extensive courtroom experience, the attorneys at AMO Law Firm are unwavering champions of their clients' rights and excel in employing a range of dispute resolution strategies, including litigation, arbitration, and mediation, tailored to each unique case.

With a group of dedicated individuals,

the attorneys of AMO Law Firm bring a wealth of legal acumen and technical proficiency. They are adept at effectively presenting compelling evidence, maximizing the potential for favorable results. The firm takes pride in leveraging cutting-edge technology, utilizing the latest hardware and software to craft impactful presentations for judges and juries.

A distinguishing trait of AMO Law Firm is their readiness to proceed to trial. This trait sets them apart in the legal community, a fact well-known to their adversaries. This willingness to go to trial, combined with their formidable reputation, positions AMO Law Firm as a formidable advocate for their clients.


AMO Law Firm is a collective of fervent and committed attorneys, specializing in Commercial and Business Litigation, Construction Litigation, First Party Insurance Litigation, and Auto and Trucking Litigation. Our team stands unflinching in the face of any challenge.


We step in when the stakes are high and the fight is necessary.


True to our identity, we are more than just attorneys; we are seasoned litigators. Our aim is not just to compete but to excel and outmaneuver our adversaries. Being a litigator in our specialized fields goes beyond the title – it's about real, tangible experience in the courtroom. We take immense pride in our track record, a testament to our prowess in legal battles. We encourage our prospective clients to thoroughly research their legal representation. Our achievements and successes are open for verification, a claim not all can confidently make.




My experience with AMO Law Firm was very positive. Atty. Matt O was courteous, efficient, and personable. He reached out to me on numerous occasions to check my health status. He was available and prompt with responses for any concerns or questions that I had. I was kept abreast to all aspects regarding my case. Matt was a very detail oriented aggressive advocate. And his fees are very fair. I highly recommend AMO for all of your legal needs!

- Alexis B.


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David W. Ardoin

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Matthew D. Ory

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Preston L. Hayes

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Ryan P. Monsour

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Hunter D. Austin

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