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When you’re arrested, it can be overwhelming. Your family is frightened, and your future may be in peril. We’ll take your case where it needs to go to put you on top.

A lot of attorneys know the law, but many are uncomfortable in a courtroom. We’re experienced trial lawyers, so we’re right at home doing battle in the courtroom.

We’re seasoned in criminal law and understand what you are up against, but as fearless, experienced criminal defense litigators, we’re up to the job and more. When we take your case, we craft a strategic plan for your defense, efficiently designed with all of the supporting testimony necessary for success.



State v. Percle - Domestic Abuse Battery

State v. Negi - Posssession with Intent to Distribute Schedule I

State v. Bimah - Domestic Abuse Aggravated Assault

State v. Cancienne - Reckless Operation of a Watercraft

State v. Chambless - Theft of Goods

State v Benoit - Sexual Battery

State v. Evans - Felon in Possession of a Firearm

State v. Chambless - Negligent Homicide

State v. Welch - 2nd Degree Murder

State v. Robinson - Terrorism

State v. Nagi - Possession with Intent to Distribute Schedule I

State v. Major - Domestic Abuse Battery with Child Endangerment

State v. Couture - Domestic Abuse Battery

State v. Garces - 2 Counts of Cruelty to a Juvenile

State v. Fontenot - DUI 2nd offense

State v. James - Possession w/ Intent to Distribute Schedule II

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